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Parry Lodge Property Description Fron NRHP Application

Property Description from National Register of Historic Places Application (2003)


The Parry Lodge, located at 89 E. Center Street in Kanab, is a motel-restaurant complex often buildings, of which eight are contributing historic resources. The majority of construction and modifications occurred in 1930-1931 when the property was converted from residential use to a motel and restaurant. The main building, where the office and restaurant are currently located, is an 1892 frame house that was expanded and modified between 1930 and the 1980s. The motel includes thirty-four units housed in six historic one-story frame buildings on the property. Fifty-six additional units are in a one-story L-shaped building (built in 1972) and a two-story building (built in 1978). The property also includes a historic barn (circa 1900), a frame bungalow (built circa 1919), three outbuildings, a pool area, and a freestanding historic marquee. The property totals 3.47 acres in size, has mature landscaping and a large asphalt parking lot.


Contributing Buildings

The main building faces south. The original 1 ½-story house is flanked by one-story additions to the east and west. The original house was built in 1892. It is frame, covered in drop-novelty siding with a simple gable roof, with ridge parallel to the street and covered in wood shingles (circa 1980s). The foundation is sandstone, but later encapsulated in concrete (circa 1931). The facade is classically symmetrical with a 1 V^-story L-shaped wing to the rear (probably built within a few years of the original construction). There is a gothic gable above the front door. The two dormers were probably original, but may have been enlarged in the 1930s. The full width porch with square columns and balcony is original, however the balustrade was modified from square posts to a cross pattern when the porch was extended to the west (circa 1950s). The windows are multi-pane double-hung windows. The front entrance has a Federal-style surround. The original spindle gable ornament is intact at the east end. Other ornamentation includes the faux shutters to the front windows added in the 1930s. The house is a Victorian Gothic Revival house given a Colonial Revival update. The interior of the house has been modified. Probably an original hall-parlor, the front portion is completely open and serves as the motel lobby. Large openings lead to the east and west into the additions. The front desk is in the center of the house with office and restrooms to the rear. The staircase (circa 1930s) is west of the desk. Upstairs the ½ story is used for office space and an overflow dining area.


West of the house is a 1931 addition used as the coffee shop. The addition is frame with drop siding. The facade features two large windows flanking a half-glass door (not currently used). The roof was originally a simple gable, but was modified to a flat roof when the veranda was extended (circa 1950s). The "coffee shop" sign on the roof was added at the same time. The interior of the coffee shop is slightly lower than the lobby area. There is a large kitchen to the rear. At the west end of the addition are sliding glass doors that open to a concrete patio, probably built when the pool was installed (circa 1960). The east addition was originally a small one-story dining room extension (also circa 1930s), set back from the house. It had a simple gable roof, large multi-pane windows and door at the west end. Around 1980, the dining room was enlarged to be flush with the house. The new addition features several bays of large windows with plastic "multi-pane" mullions. On the interior, the dining room is open with a half-height wall down the center, which may include part of the exterior wall of the first addition. There are exterior doors in the addition to the east and north. Directly behind the house are three outbuildings, a 12' x 12' walk-in cooler (date unknown), a frame building used for storage and utilities (circa 1930s), and a brick building (circa 1900), which may have been a granary for the original house. The kidney-shaped pool is west of the patio and coffee shop. A hot tub-gazebo (circa 1980s) is located northwest inside the fenced pool area.


 Six of the motel buildings are from the historic period. Because Parry Lodge has been associated with the movie-making industry in Kanab, the buildings are referred to as Movie I, Movie II, Movie III and the Cottages. Each room unit in the historic buildings has a nameplate with the name of a movie star who stayed in the room. All of the historic buildings are one-story frame structures with simple gable roofs and concrete foundations. The buildings are very similar in style with a bungalow feel and colonial revival shutters. The rooms are typical for the period and each unit includes a bedroom and bathroom. Slight variations in windows and siding indicate the buildings were probably not built all at the same time. The Cottages are located just north of the pool and include three double-unit buildings situated around a landscaped courtyard.


The Cottages are covered in narrow clapboard siding and have a bungalow feel. They were probably built in 1931. The Movie I building is to the west and was built in the early 1930s. It is a long building set perpendicular to Center Street. The motel office was located for a time at the south end of this building, currently a gift shop. The building consists of nine units, plus a mother-in-law unit projecting at the northwest corner. A porch extends the width of the building. Movie II is located to the north and west of Movie I. This building is very similar with eleven units, and was probably also built in the early 1930s. Movie III was built at the northeast end of the property. It consists of eight slightly larger units. Though the style of this building is similar to the Cottages (narrow clapboard and no porch), it appears to have been built later, probably between 1938 and 1944. The windows have been modified with some aluminum replacements, but other than that the building is in good historic condition. All of the buildings have had some interior renovation (circa 1980s), but retain historic integrity.


A large historic barn is located in the center of the property. It is currently surrounded by asphalt parking lots and driveway. The barn was built circa 1900. It is an Intermountain-style barn with a gable roof, side wings and a gable-end opening. The barn faces east and is covered in vertical planks with a metal roof. The barn was one of the first in the area to have a cable apparatus for unloading hay while driving the team through the barn. It was converted for use as a theater in the late 1970s. The barn has historic associations with the 1892 house and the circa 1919 bungalow at the northeast corner of the property.


Non-contributing buildings

The majority of units are found in two non-contributing structures. The Kanab Building is an L-shaped motel court structure at the northwest corner of the property. It is similar in style to the Movie buildings, but with large plate glass windows. The pre-fabricated Kanab Building has 24 units large enough for two queen beds and was built in 1972. The Hamblin Building is a two-story rectangular building housing 32 units just north of the east addition to the house. The building is frame on a concrete foundation and has a flat roof with mansard trim. The units are accessed from the interior by doors arranged along a central corridor. The Hamblin building was constructed in 1978. There is also a frame bungalow on a sandstone foundation located on the site. It is covered in drop siding with a full-width porch at the east end and retains its integrity. The roof is hipped and covered in asphalt shingles. The exterior has not been altered. On the interior the home has about 1,400 square feet of space with a partial basement. The home is a rental unit on the motel property, but not currently associated with the operations of the motel and is considered a non-contributing building.



The Parry Lodge complex is located on a 3.47-acre parcel on Kanab's Center Street. It comprises the east half of the block. Mature trees are found at the south end of the property around the historic building. Smaller trees are located near the buildings at the north end. There is a landscaped lawn area between the cottages. Flowerbeds are located at the front of the office-lobby. The majority of the property has been paved with asphalt for parking. The historic freestanding marquee is located at the southeast corner of the property. The Parry Lodge is in the exact center of Kanab's commercial district along Center Street (Highway 89). The motel complex is a contributing resource in Kanab.

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